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Want something different? Tired of standard salons? Good. Because I’m a bit weird. And that’s OK. You’ll enjoy that quirkiness when you step into my place. It’s kept clean.

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. This is Nichole Angone, owner of Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour. I help you look your best, in the way you want, for less… even if you feel you look like you’ve just finished a 26.2-mile marathon and there’s no turning back. 

It’s been a major goal to spend the last 2 decades putting together the best ways of helping you feel confident and look the way you want to, in the quickest way possible, soooooo…

… Another major desire of mine is making sure you are being listened to. Completely. With proactive empathy and understanding.

Have you ever had the “Just listen and don’t talk… I know better than you” service experience? I have. I bet you have. There’s none of that here.

Not only is it extremely frustratingbut can also often end up with a very botched outcome (it happens a ton). 

At my place, though, you’ll feel 100% confident you got exactly what you wanted as the next appointment is set up.

If you don’t think so, just tell me… … whatever needs to be done, is done. I need you to feel astounded about your look. That includes free corrections if you want.

Here’s some Pink and Blink before and after’s:

You’re offered all sort’s of services and products constantly, aren’t you?

I’ll only offer the best of the best… for your particular style. I just gotta maximize your beauty and confidence. It’s what I do.

New stuff is being reviewed and tested all the time to see if it meets the standards I demand – so you love the outcome you have.

You deserve to feel the most confidence possible, at all times… let’s make that happen.

Here’s HOW it’s done. 

You get the expertise, wisdom, experience, and “Shortcuts To Beauty of a salon owner with over 18+ years of cosmetology and beauty experience…

… and also:

• A Free 15-20 minute, no-obligation, consultation session

• All new clients get 25% Off (the already sweet regular prices here)so you get to “test the waters” easily

• Satisfaction AND corrections 100% guaranteed – you know you’ll get the look you want!

• 25% off a service, anytime during the week leading up to your birthday… the best gift is beauty and confidence

• Easy to use referral program for some unique perks (it’s really different, ask me about it!) – you and your friends are always welcome

• Treat Yourself to a Facial, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Micro-Dermabrasion, Wax, Makeup Session, Reflexology Relaxation, and so much more with our “Sister Suites” …literally a few feet away

• Free drinks (including wine!)… relax with your drink of choice

MOST IMPORTANTLY = 1% of the salon’s net profit goes to my sponsored non-profit related charity: Haircuts for the Homeless (read on for more details)

*Just Arrived: Now Available at my salon – FREE product samples. Please ask for details when we meet*

You want to look and feel your best, don’t you?

You’ll walk in because of the recommendations that you hear (see just a small sample of the testimonials on this page) and you’ll walk out loving your new-found look.

You’ll literally not be able to stop looking in the mirror.

Your friends and family will be thanking you that you told them about Pink and Blink too…

… plus you’ll get some lovely referral perks!

Just to remind you… there is absolutely no risk to you. If you don’t love your service experience for any reason, it’ll be made right… even if that means free corrections.

money back guarantee

This is because I’m proud of the work done and want you to leave feeling even prouder of the outcome…

… plus feeling you got the outcome you wanted and more confident because of it.

Try it out at least once. You’ll get 1/4 off the first service and if you’re not 100% amazed by your new look… you’ll be offered what’s needed so you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

This is done because I know you’ll be totally hooked on the atmosphere and cosmetology mastery in addition to the neighbor-like attention and comfort.

Just to say again, the goal is to improve your confidence, and thus life, in any little (or big) way possible.

Remember: You don’t have to price shop (my personal least favorite part of spending money). I’ve already done that for you. 

Spent time searching the entire county so you know you can try out any of my services… and get a great deal.

Can you show a comparable service for less???

I will price-match: just so you can feel relaxed as you experience something new and special for the first time.

The value and contribution I feel doing this can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

On this note, I wanna proudly say that a minimum of 1% of all bottom-line profit (every year) is going towards the initiative to help the less fortunate by funding my Haircuts For Homeless program …a 100% not-for-profit foundation.

Each penny of your greatly appreciated business and generosity goes toward growth and helping others who really need help. Every bit matters.

***Ask for details about this community-centered charity project at my central salon location (Boca Rotan, Florida)***

UPDATE: Just got fully settled and I’m booking up fast! (Probably because this is the Grand Opening of a new location!) Remember though…

… if you’re a new client you get 1/4 off by booking online, buuut make sure you book right now – I’ll probably have to raise prices to meet the demand.

Here’s WHY I do it (Mission Statement):

Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour’s Mission is to design a salon of relentless improvement, thereby advancing the cosmetology industry both internally and externally. 

I provide personalized expertise in beauty services and products to create financial growth by giving massive value, in order to better serve others. 

Guest satisfaction is achieved by asking for client feedback and honoring individual requests, with free corrections peace of mind. 

Pink and Blink Beauty Parlour’s pledge is to always maintain a classic style, with a modern twist, while donating profits to “Haircuts For Homeless” and other charities. 

My Slogan? “I Help Local Women Look And Feel Their Best… Even If It’s Been Botched By The Rest.”

Pink Wearing Blink
Salon namesake Pink (aka me) wearing Blink

Please email your questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns to support@pinkandblink.com – I love to hear your thoughts and use the feedback to create the best salon possible, for you.

“Get 1/4 Back and Help the Homeless...                Just By Looking Beautiful!”


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P.S. Ask about my monthly charity drive events so we can make a difference together!

P.P.S. Remember, I’d love to hear your thoughts for the website… or ANYTHING about our experience together


Open 24/7 Monday – Saturday
Closed Sundays
*Holiday Hours May Vary


Contact Me

Bella Salon Suites – 7401 N Federal Hwy, Building A-7, Suite 111, Boca Raton, Florida 33487
(815) 482-9450


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